Saturday, May 3, 2008

Deng Cheng-hong, at work in studio

Welcome to The Virtual Museum of Climate Retreat "Living Pod" Images, computer-generated images created by Deng Cheng-hong in Taiwan. Please feel free to stay awhile in this quiet space and view the various images he has come up with that show what a future climate retreat for survivors of global warming in the far distant future might look like.

These images are not predictions, but mere speculation in an imaginative way.

Dr James Lovelock, 90, of Britain has seen Mr Deng's images here and wrote by email to say: "Thanks for showing me these images. It may very well happen and soon."

This online show will remain up for as long as the Internet exists. So feel free to browse here, bookmark the site and tell your friends. A virtual museum is a good way to shine the spotlight on artworks that might otherwise go un-noticed due to lack of exhibition space and media coverage.

For more information or to contact Mr Deng by email, wrote to the museum's curator office at: